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Hi! My name is NCR, well that is not my real name. I love writing about tech and sharing bright thoughts!

Hi, my name is NCR, and welcome to TheSunShining Podcast.
If this is your first time tuning in. I am glad to have you.

When I was first making plans for this season of the SunShining podcast I knew I wanted to have real conversations with real people. But it…

Hi, it’s me NCR here again, with another episode of The SunShining Podcast!

It’s time to turn on the light switch.
I don’t know if I will continue to talk about time on every episode.
But I do know that in this episode we will be talking about light.

Many people when they ask me about my darker skin color and ask me about my ethnicity. I always tell them that my grandma is Vietnamese as if that explains everything. (Some people think my dad and my uncle Timothy are Mexican.)

Season 3 of The SunShining podcast is just…

Ever wake up at 2:00 in the afternoon, and think to yourself.
What a beautiful morning?
Probably not.
When does a beautiful morning become a beautiful day?
(When it’s time?)

Before you can know what “It’s time” for.
First, you must know what time it has been.
And you must know what…

Hi. It’s me NCR here.

A few weeks ago when I was kayaking, I felt like I was missing a helmet.
And the other day when I was driving my car I wished I could take my hands off the steering wheel like I do when I drive a bike…

If you have a problem with Windows, Chrome OS or Android it could be Samsung’s fault or HP’s fault, LG’s fault, Acer’s or Asus’s fault, or maybe even Dell’s fault. (Oh and let's not forget Intel)

You see Apple makes all their own products. …

Hi, it’s me NCR here with another YouTube video.
If you remember let year I did a video about me turning, 20.
In fact, I started a series called my year as a 20-year-old.
And now I am 21.
Ya. I had my birthday a few days ago, but I have been making plans…

For some reason, I thought my birthday was on a Tuesday this year.
Maybe that’s because the second book in the “Heirs of Neverland” series was released on Tuesday, July 13th, 2021. …

So I forgot to mention this in the last video, on Tuesday they had me help with some training videos. On Wednesday they had me at archery tag. One of my least favorite activities.

And that is it. I mean I started writing the script for this video on Wednesday…

I have got so much inspiration, just no time to share my thoughts.
It takes time to put my thoughts to paper, then turn them into a video like this.
Either I am right when I say I have no time to make YouTube videos because of my job.
Or I am lazy…


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